here we are.

yoga (n.):  a process of becoming more aware of who we are

junkie (n.): a person with an insatiable craving for something

hey. welcome to our blog. first off, who are we? we are caleb & amy-husband & wife, best friends, dog enthusiasts, fellow journeyers through life, and yoga junkies. now, what is a yoga junkie? basically it is just someone who just loves doing yoga. we aren’t yoga gurus or even certified teachers (yet 😉 ) we are just people who have found a real connection to life through the practice of yoga. so much so, that we decided to start a blog to create, document, and share our journey together & to invite others to come with us. we believe in sharing, connecting, expressing, and creating, using this blog as an outlet for these purposes. yoga is a journey and mirrors life in that sense, and we want to invite as many people as we can to join in this journey with us. yoga has helped us feel alive & acts as a leader for our life of exploration. through yoga we are learning to cultivate presence in every moment & to make sure those moments are guided by love. we are beginning to allow life to lead us to the moments where we need to be. through practicing yoga we are learning who we are as people, what the best versions of ourselves can look like, and how to fully live in & practice being present in every moment.

this is something we’ve never done before, and it is going to be a journey. the practice of yoga is something new we have found within the last few years, and it has slowly grown on us to be more than just a timed sequence of poses & flows but a style of life that connects us to a frequency of love to lead & guide us in every moment of life. we are striving to grow & be the best version of ourselves as people to ourselves, to our friends and family, to our neighbors, and to anyone we come across on this journey. while the concepts of yoga aren’t necessarily something new for us, the practice and the embracing of the lifestyle is, and this may be something new to you about us. whether you are someone we have known for all our lives, a family member, a friend from high school, or someone who stumbled upon this blog from somewhere on the internet, we want to open up ourselves & our journey to you and welcome & invite you to start connecting in your own life’s journey to embrace the moment and fill that moment with love. namaste.

peace + love,

amy & caleb

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