where is here?

there’s a lot of magic in just beginning…

amy chose this quote for a post on our instagram account the other day. It was from a yogic book we had been reading together recently. though i had read through the same words just days before in the context of the book chapter, for some reason seeing them again next to the picture of amy holding triangle pose against the sunset on the waters of percy priest lake in nashville, tn really struck a cord with me. perhaps because this time i read it, the phrase was more in accord with a new beginning for us and it really did seem to embellish a sense of magic in our minds. the new beginning i’m talking about is this blog.

while starting this blog is definitely a step through a new door for us, it also in part seems like a culmination of where our yogic journey has taken us. so let me back track a tad and get into how we came to be here: starting a blog together based around our growing passion for yoga and the journey it has taken us on.

i did my first ever yoga session years ago. i’m not exactly sure when that was that but it was something like 7-8 years ago. at the time i had just started the fitness program P90x, which opened a door to a whole fitness journey in it of itself. one of the workouts built into the programs schedule was a pretty grueling(especially for a beginner) hour and a half yoga routine every week. i knew what yoga was, everyone does right? i had just never actually done it or explored it, but here i was firmly committed to a fitness program for 90 days that included a yoga routine every week and i embraced it and actually came to love it but mainly just for the physical aspect if it. the flows, the asanas, the balancing poses, and the stretching was all something i thoroughly enjoyed doing week in and week out. by the time we hit savasna, or corpse pose for a minute at the end of every workout (the only minute Tony Horton would actually shut up through the whole program! jk I ❤ Tony) i was in a new place both mentally and physically. P90x yoga also introduced OM and the practice of chanting at the end which was a completely new element of yoga for me.


while i definitely enjoyed and looked forward to the yoga routine every week. i embraced holding tough poses and feeling the burning sensation throughout while learning to control your breathe, as well as the stretching and flexibility it gave me because i have never considered myself a flexible individual. but yoga at this time was purely just another aspect of my workout routine and held a very physical aspect in my mind. it would not be until years later where i began unearthing the true teachings and guidance of yoga and incorporating them not just on the mat but off the mat as well.

as amy mentioned in her post, it was about a little under a year ago now where we committed together to incorporating some type of yoga routine into our lives daily. and truth be told, this was not some type of intervention we had to commit to together and stick out through the thick or thin, it felt more like a natural progression of what yoga was becoming in our lives. since the first p90x yoga class i did years ago, we had never stopped doing yoga. we didn’t necessarily do it every week or every month or even every few months, but we continued doing various workout programs and sessions that would incorporate yoga flows in them one way or another until we began doing them outside of the classes or the video session and completely on our own up to the point where we were doing it enough that we decided to firmly commit to it daily and see where it took us. the seeds were planted years ago, but we were just starting to conceptualize the actual growth.

that is where we are. and so as i sit at a coffee shop typing a short blog entry about how yoga has slowly been reshaping my life to lead me to here, i now have to ask myself exactly where is here?

lets start with this: here is a place in my life i have never been before.

here is: equally the culmination of one leg of a journey as well as the start of one anew.

here is: embracing a new lifestyle that is slowly reshaping who i am both physically, mentally and spiritually.

here is: a place in my yoga practice where i am truly starting to embrace the aspects of it both on and off the mat.

here is: a path to putting aside my ego, embracing vulnerability, of being guided by love, and believing that the universe has my back.

here is: connecting to the world around me and embracing community.

here is: an ever deepening relationship with the woman i have pledged my love and my life to that i never knew was possible.

here is: opening a new chapter in a book of a story that is not about me.

here is: yoga.


peace + love,



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