the person my yoga mat thinks i am

“be the person your yoga mat thinks you are.”

the first time i read this quote, i immediately smiled. i felt like i could completely relate with it in the sense that sometimes i feel like i am a different person when i am on my yoga mat than when i am living life day to day. this led me to ask, “who does my yoga mat think i am?”

-in touch with my truest self

who wouldn’t want to feel those things about themself? no wonder i crave the practice of yoga all the time. the beautiful thing is, the more i practice, the more these qualities actually invade my innermost being & shine through me off the mat. when anxiety, stress, negativity, or self-conscious thoughts try to enter my life, i now have the power to recognize those demons & turn them into a loving power so that i can continue to live out the qualities that i feel when i am on my mat. this is definitely an ever growing practice & some days are better than others, but another person my yoga mat thinks i am is an accepting one. i always accept myself as i am, where i am.


for you, maybe it isn’t yoga but other things that make you feel this way–spending time with your friends/family/pets, hiking, writing, dancing, camping, drawing, singing, cooking–whatever it is, DO MORE OF IT. we deserve to feel this way about ourselves & embrace those good feels! don’t let anyone tell you anything otherwise. you cannot pour goodness into people from an empty cup.

& and if yoga is also your drug of choice when it comes to becoming the best version of yourself or you’d like to try it out for the first time, hit me up & we can ride the good vibes together.

peace + love,

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