perception >> reality

your perception is your reality. this phrase has been on my mind a lot recently. our reality is literally created by how we perceive it. you & i could go to the exact same fireworks show but have totally different experiences depending on how we perceived it. i could let the heat, the crowd, and the lack of parking totally get to me and immediately put my mind in a negative headspace. before the fireworks have even started my vision is already clouded, and because of that, i don’t have as good of an experience as you who lives fully in the moment, marvels at the beautiful colors of the fireworks, and enjoys the company of those around you instead of letting little things get to you.

before the show even started, i had subconsciously already set my reality. i went ahead and perceived that this fireworks show was not going to be my favorite, and no matter how much potential it had to still be awesome, i had already made my mind up whether i knew it or not. i had already clouded my vision.


my yoga practice has helped me cultivate a more loving, positive, & grateful mindset which then in turn causes my reality to be one of love, positivity, & gratitude. obviously, as a human, i am not perfect, and my reality is not always perfect. however, because of my time that i continue to spend on my mat cultivating love and gratitude, i now have the power in me to turn my negative thoughts into positive ones to enhance my reality and experiences. this is what i constantly strive for.

there is so much love in the world to be seen & to experience, but it’s up to you what kind of reality you choose to create & live in. besides a daily yoga practice on the mat, here are some other rituals i have incorporated in my life to help cultivate love & gratitude:

-making gratitude lists
-spending time out in nature
-listening to music
-spending more intentional time with people


once i finally realized that the way i perceived my experiences & situations becomes my reality, it was a game changer. this realization has been huge for me as i am constantly exploring the path of working on being my best & truest self because that version of me always shines when i am perceiving life from a place of love & gratitude. just like yoga, this is a practice that has no end & is ever ongoing. let’s continue to encourage one another as we all are just trying our best to create the reality where our best selves thrive in.

peace + love,

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