the light in me

caleb wrote a beautiful post on the meaning of the common yoga phrase namaste a few weeks back. as he mentions, there are a few different variations of translations of the phrase, but essentially, it means “the light in me honors the light in you”. i feel as if this is one of the most beautiful & kind things we could ever say & live out to each other.

i wanted to write about this phrase coming from a little bit of a different angle. i think of this phrase a lot whenever i catch myself playing that awful comparison game. as we all know & have heard, comparison is the thief of joy. while that is definitely true, i have been trying to change my mindset around this common phrase. whenever i see something in someone that i admire & it causes me to compare myself to them, my mind usually starts to go down a path of negative self talk & putting myself down for not being like, looking like, or having whatever this person has. this kind of talk often leads to a long downward spiral of negativity towards myself which easily extends into every other area of my life. however, now i try to remind myself that the light i see in them is a reflection of my inner light. whatever i am seeing in them that is causing me to desire or wish i had really is a reflection of my light. after all, how could i see that light in them if i did not already have that light within myself?


sometimes i find it much easier to see the light in others than to see the light in myself, but as the phrase “namaste” reminds me, the light in me honors the light in you. not only is there light in everyone around me, but there is also light in me. i believe that light deserves to be recognized & honored as well. on my yoga mat is a place where i see & feel that light within myself. i start to know it more & more everyday, and allowing it to shine has created more positivity in my life than i thought possible.


you always hear people talking about “post yoga feels” or “post yoga glow”. i attribute that feeling to the fact that the practice helps us clearly see & feel the light in each other and in ourselves. we can come out of a yoga practice literally glowing as we are actually allowing our inner light to shine through us, radiating all the positive vibes and love.

that’s the kind of world i want to live in & that is one of the many reasons why i yoga. every. day.

peace + love,


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