just be still

busyness. it’s a plague of modern society. one which i find myself constantly fighting along with everyone else i come into contact with. its a common reference and answer to the question of how someones daily life has been going. busy. we are a people that are forever busy. busy doing something. busy being busy. busyness is a mentality; one that i think we as a society have derived from our inability to cope with being in the present moment.

why is this? why as a society do we constantly desire and pursue a life that takes us out of the moment we are in, the only moment we have to exist? busyness takes our minds out of the present and makes you focus on what lies ahead and what it will take to get you there rather than focusing on each step as you take it. i suffer from it myself and it is a weakness and a struggle that is hard to admit to. i make myself busy to help escape the reality i’m in. if i am forever doing something, or thinking about what i have to do then i never actually have to just be. being busy is easy. its easy to slip into a mindset of busyness. its easy to always use it as an excuse, because everyone suffers from it. everyone suffers from the mental plague of busyness and it corrupts so much of what we really should be doing and focusing on. i am a carrier of this plague.

yoga has really been challenging the concept of busyness is my mind. yoga wants the exact opposite of what the demon of busyness demands. yoga wants you to be present. to exist purely as you are in the moment you are and to let all things grow and stem from that moment. i admit the first few times i did yoga, this is not how i viewed it, nor what it did to me. i approached yoga at first with the same mentality i did other physical workouts. it was there to help my physical body get in shape, stay in shape etc. as i have dived deeper into the practice it has continually opened up new doors to my understanding of its purpose in my life and how i interact with the life happening around me.

even now, as some people may read this, you may be thinking to yourself that you do not have time to commit everyday to doing a yoga practice. its the same mindset that all the most popular workout programs such as beach body have been combatting with for years. people continually tell themselves they are too busy. so workout programs have been getting shorter, easier to see results, easier to fit into a daily schedule that is full of…busyness. modern society is all about wanting things now. not having to wait, and sit, and be patient. we have taken the journey out of the process and have tried to go straight to the destination. we have fast food, so you can get your food now. we have the fastest internet speeds so you can download videos now. every video outlet nows lets you stream live so you can see what is happening right now without having to wait for the news that night. its made us into a society where patience is no longer a virtue but a hinderance to how we live. everyday we are finding ways to make things happen faster from mail delivery, to travel. one would think that this would mean we would have more time to focus on what we want to do and take care of ourselves but i think it has had the exact opposite effect. everything is vying for our attention constantly. it’s an oversaturated market of constant stimulation.

yoga makes you stop. its makes you slow down. its doesn’t make you breathe, you do that regardless, but it makes you focus on the breathe which is one of the main avenues to connecting with the present moment.

so stop right now.  you have time. i promise.

close your eyes.

inhale to a count of 5.

exhale to a count of 5.


feel the air as it slowly fills up your lungs, then as it slowly slips out and away again.

you just did yoga. you just connected the present.

its amazing that we tell ourselves we don’t have time for that. we don’t have time to connect with who we are in this moment. that we don’t have time to take care of ourselves, our physical body, our mental body, our spiritual body, our present body.

when i started this post i actually had in mind to go in a whole different direction but as i started typing this is where it has led me too. it is probably what i needed to hear the most today. why? because i feel busy, because i tell myself constantly, and those who ask how things are, that i am busy, that i don’t have time for this our for that. when i need to tell myself to just be….. still.

be in the moment. inhale. exhale.




and take time to appreciate the journey of life for what it is, not a shortcut to some ethereal destination, but a path made up of countless moments full of potential to experience them as they are made to be lived, in the here and now. don’t let busyness be an escape from the presence.

peace + love,





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