be you

one of my favorite quotes comes from Jen Sincero’s book You are a Badass. it reads:

“do not deny the world it’s one and only chance to bask in your brilliance.”

think about it. you are the only you there ever was, has been, is, & will be. you are special. you are unique. you are you, and you are the way you are for a reason. you like the things you like for a reason. you have the strengths you have for a reason. you have the weaknesses you have for a reason. you are amazing. you are strong. you are smart, beautiful, & a badass.


share that. unapologetically. love all the beautiful things about yourself & release them into the world because the world needs them. also, love the things that you see in others & let them know how awesome they are, too. the community that can be created between people with different interests, strengths, weaknesses, & personalities can be indescribably good. keeping your strengths, thoughts, & passions to yourself only denys the world of good. it denys others of getting to experience the joy which is you living your best life. being around someone who is fully themselves & living their best life is infectious, inspiring, & it spreads like wildfire.



take it one day at a time. get on your mat, go for a run, take a walk, and figure out how you can be your best self today.

be you & share that.

peace + love,


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