wanderlust–chapter 1

this chapter brought up an interesting challenge that i am excited to embark on. on page 9, we are challenged to commit to the practice of choosing the yama (ethical practice/moral principle) or the niyama (observances that a yogi employs to refine the relationship with one’s internal world) that attracts or compels us in some way, write that word on sticky notes, place them throughout our house, & use them as check-in points to reflect on our current state & how it relates to the quality we are aiming to cultivate for thirty days. i really like this challenge because it has very doable steps that i can easily follow & understand.

the word i have chosen for my challenge is one of the yamas–ahimsa. this word involves the practice of nonviolence, compassion, & kindness. i chose this word because i truly believe that these qualities can be the cornerstone of a life filled with love, joy, peace, & gratitude.


i have always been a person who has believed in & practiced nonviolence. violence only begets more violence. i want to live in a world of peace–repaying evil with good, solving problems through conversation, & living in constant harmony.

i think compassion is also an extremely important quality to practice. sometimes practicing compassion comes naturally to me, & sometimes it just doesn’t. forming relationships is a huge part of life. relationships can be extremely life giving, inspiring, & a source of joy. showing compassion towards all people helps relationships form, build, & cultivate. i also think it is important to practice showing compassion towards nature as well–doing our part to contritube to the goodness and healthiness of the world around us & taking care of our beautiful home, mother earth.

finally, kindness is what makes the world go round. a simple kind word, a smile, surprising someone with a gift–these all spread love & positivity & help others feel a part of something bigger than themselves. even when it’s hard & someone has wronged me, kindness always will help the situation move forward in a positive way.


i am excited about starting this challenge & working towards implementing these positive movements in my life. as always, i feel it is important to always practice grace with ourselves as well. we are human & will mess up. we will turn to anger before compassion at times, & that’s okay. the important thing is that we recognize our behaviors, learn from them, move on, & love ourselves through it all.

peace + love,


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