why does starting always seems so hard, yet once we begin, that diffcultness seems to fade away? in my experience, starting is always the hardest part. for example, it took a decent amount of conscious effort for me to sit down & begin a new blog post. i didn’t have anything specific weighing on my mind to write about which always makes it hard to know where to begin. i just knew i wanted to write. so, i took out my ipad and just started typing. and here we are.

a lot of things in life are like that for me-hard to start, but once i do, i find my groove & flourish. my yoga practice has been a great parallel to this. most days when i roll out my mat, i don’t know where my body will lead me. i just start–start breathing, starting moving with my breath, & next thing i know, i’m flowing effortlessly. i think this takes a tremendous amount of trust. trust that my body will know what it wants & will go there, and also trust that my mind won’t get in the way & stop my body from doing & feeling what it wants.


same goes for life. starting requires trust. trust in yourself, your intuition, & your direction. sometimes the person we trust least is ourselves. it doesn’t have to be that way. you are the person you spend the most time with. you are the person you (can) know the most intimately. you are (can be) your very best friend. seize that opportunity. take advantage the opportunity of getting to know yourself fully so that you can trust yourself fully & live your fullest, best life as the greatest version of you.

i think we fully know & feel connected to ourselves as children, but somewhere along the way, we lose it. whether it’s putting others or careers before ourselves or just not liking ourselves & choosing to ignore what we see & not go too deep into ourselves because of all the shit that has built up down there. stop. stop it right now. stop ignoring and pushing yourself aside so that you can start getting to know yourself, loving yourself, & ultimately trusting yourself. life is so much brighter for you & those around you when you know yourself & therefore trust yourself, following your intuition. it’s contagious. those around you feel it, pick up on it, & and in turn want it for themselves.


as always, preaching to myself as well. so here i go. starting…



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