lessons learned from the sun

the sun is astounding. she literally gives life to our whole planet. trees cannot grow without sunlight. we cannot live without trees’ oxygen. plants cannot grow without sunlight. plants are our food. we cannot live without food. the sun is life!! what a beautiful realization.

i feel like the light she gives off connects with the light inside of me, reminds me that i have that same light, same warmth, & same strength inside of me too. for the sun nourished the very dirt that humans were made from. how could she not live in us?! the sun gave the banana tree life, giving it the ability to produce bananas. the bananas carry the sun’s energy. that energy is then transferred into my body.


this is why the connection to nature is so beautiful & prevalent. we are all connected & realizing that connection brings peace. it feels right & natural. why would we live in a world where we aren’t connected? connection is everything! just like how it feels delicious & good to connect human to human, we can also connect like this with nature & the world around us. we truly are never alone!

nature has a heartbeat & a pulse. it may not be in the same way humans do, but i can feel it. plants, flowers, trees, grasses, they are all living, breathing, growing, producing. they die if they aren’t taken care of. just like us. i love the way they depend on the sun & rain to take care of them. they have no control over how much sunlight or rainwater they get, yet, they trust that they will be taken care of. this is the beauty of life. they flourish as best as they can with what they are given, and they pass on the positive harmonious vibes by providing humans with oxygen. what a beautiful cycle. life, you amaze me everyday. thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ames 1.jpg

the sun knows herself. she knows her worth & her value. she knows that the world needs her light, so she shines it as much as she can. sometimes clouds will come in & block her off. i like to think she uses that time to self reflect. she doesn’t get upset that something is blocking her light. she continues to shine & when the clouds roll away (because she knows they always will), her light seems brighter than ever. she took that clouded time to reflect, learn, & grow all while still shining so that when her time came to own the sky again, she was ready & she had moved forward in the process. maybe i can learn something from the sun.

all photos by Caleb Clayton Film + Photo

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